The Cave

16 May

JavaOne, University

Attended the ‘pre-game’ show. Sat in on the web services day long marathon. Normally a 5 day course, even w/o labs it was a bit cut down, but all the meat was there. Excellent slides. SAAJ was nifty – it’s SOA::Message!

OK, that’s unfair. SOA::Message is nicer :-)

Ask Joe. He was there.

JAX-RPC provides the ‘magic binding’ glue people are so enamored with, but that makes assumptions (has to) about how types are mapped and so on. If that’s a problem, dip down and use SAAJ.

[In SOA-speak, use SOA::Message, and for those who want 'magic binding' you can 'move up' the stack and...well, that's a story for another day :-]

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