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21 Dec

Ho! Ho! Ho!

‘Tis the first day of חנוכה‎ and of course we have small children – and it’s a weekend – so we cracked open some presents.

“We” <g> got a Nintendo Wii, and there was much rejoicing :-) Just Wii Sports though – time to visit Blockbuster up the hill… And before you ask, yes, I know there’s a Bolt game for the Wii, though reviews rank it pretty underwhelming. World of Goo and de Blob sound pretty interesting.

Kim got her Wii Fit she’s been lusting after for ages, and a good thing too. Wii Sports is HARD. Boxing’s really hard to get the controls down. Bowling’s cool, and even Sydney liked doing it – for a few frames, then found it hard to handle the controls and got frustrated and fed up and started to cry. She’s a bit young for the Wii yet.

But that’s OK. She likes her new Leapster 2. And they play nicely (for the most part) – it’s Sydney’s turn at Wii Fit and David asked nicely if he could play with her Leapster (and she said yes). Yes, they’re evil wee <g> ones, like all children. But they’re also generally well behaved and not-so-evil. So I guess I’m getting at least some parts of this parenting gig down right. [And perhaps Kim had some slight impact on matters. P'rhaps :-]

There were a few other random gifts, but of course nothing as attention grabbing as the Wii.

If it wasn’t windy with 3+ inches of snow on the ground with pretty much the whole region shut down (like the past 4 days), then I’d probably already be on the road to find some more Wii toys. Alas, the weather’s a bit inclement (and the roads are just plain…unpleasant…), so my wallet’s spared. For today. Guess I’ll have plenty of time to surf the web about Wii accessories.

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