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21 Dec

Wii – Anyone?

We just got a Wii, and I’m a near total newbie. I’ve spent my life with computers, but the only console I’ve ever had was a Sega Genesis way back. There’s a LOT of Wii toys and accessories out there, so I’m looking for some input.

I’ve got the Wii (and thus Wii Sports) and Wii Fit, with the one controller and nunchuk included with the Wii, plus a working network connection over Wifi. What do you recommend I get next?

Remember, I have a 4 year old girl (Sydney), a 6 year old boy (David), and a wife :-)

Me? Not important. I’m generally a PC guy, and lately been playing Fallout 3, City of Heroes and World of Warcraft, with an eye on acquiring S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky at some point. The Wii is cute, but it’s really for them. Yes, of course I’ll use it occasionally <G>. But if we’ve got games they find appealing, I’m sure there’ll be something in the mix I’ll enjoy on the occasions I use it.

So what should we get?

Lol! Sorry, David was just doing the ‘race’ game, and doesn’t quite have the concept of jog in place quite down – he kept inching forward as he jogged, eventually kicking and stumbling over the Wii fit. OK, I found it amusing. That’s why we had kids, right? As a source of amusement? Well, that, and as personal manservants to “Bring the remote to Daddy” when Kim leaves it in the kitchen and I’m sitting in the living room :-D

But I digress. So, what Wii bits should I be looking for?

I expect another controller and nunchuk rank pretty high on the list. Any other recommended hardware?

And the big question: What games are worth the money? Hell, what games are even worth the time even just renting from Blockbuster?

And the big question: What games both (a) don’t suck and (b) are playable by small children?

Let me know. Thanks.

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