David Alexander Kapustein

Vital Stats

BirthdateJanuary 25, 2003
Birthtime1:04pm EST
Weight7 lb 11 oz
Height21 1/2"
Chest13 1/2"


Knowledge Base Article Q000001: Known Issues

The information in this article applies to: As with all .0 releases, there are some known issues that slipped past QA including: All users are strongly encouraged to select and enroll in a rHeduced Maintenance Option or Premier Patron Organization, to ensure regular maintenance on a timely yet affordable schedule. Failure to properly maintain and administer the system may lead to an unsupported configuration, unexpectedly high costs, and/or an inability to upgrade the system (the release may reach an "End-of-Life").

Please direct all further inquiries to the President and managing partner, Kimberly Kapustein.

We hope you enjoy the system, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

 - Howard Kapustein, Senior Manager, The Kapustein Corp ("We Bring Good Things To Life")

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