Jewish Survivor

CBS is launching a new program, called Jewish Survivor.
16 Jews are put in a two-bedroom co-op on the Upper West Side of New York.
Each week they vote out one member until there is a final survivor who gets $1 million (but placed into a trust that does not vest until age 59).

The Rules:

  1. No maid service.
  2. No use of ATMs or credit cards.
  3. No food from take-out or delivery which includes Chinese food.
  4. All purchases must be retail.
  5. No calls to mother for women, office for men.
  6. Outside trips must be by foot, bus or subway-no limos or cabs.
  7. All workouts/exercise must be done in regular sweats -- no designer labels.
  8. Zabars is off limits.
  9. No, Jewish geography.
  10. No, NY Times. Only, NY Post or NY Daily News.
  11. No Pottery Barn, J. Crew, Lands End or William Sonoma catalogs.
  12. Only one phone line for all 16 Tribe members. No call can last more than 3 minutes. No cell phones.
  13. Maintenance problems must be resolved by the Tribe, without help from any gentile.
  14. All therapy sessions suspended.
  15. No consulting with attorneys.
  16. No facials or massages
There have been no applicants as yet.
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